#WednesdayWisdom at TraceyBond007.com – My Success Story Beginnings Snapshot!

"When I taught college students several years ago, I made sure they were empowered to know that the average human has 780 gifts and talents...and to never ever let someone's lower expectations minimize the potential they can mazimize and leverage with a plethora of marketable skills....that leadership brought this ol' Bond Girl ā˜†007ā˜† higher life invitations to the dinner tables of Presidential Circles, US Ret. Generals Governor's Mansions, Mayoral Desks, Pulitzer Publishing Executives and soooo many cekebrities, dignitaries and ahhhmazing people #onpurpose ever since. BELIEVE: How you think and act is the magnet for who and what you attract...exact!" - Tracey Bond (@tracey007bond)

“I was always counsel my clients by asking the question:___?”

"I was always counsel my clients by asking the question: Q: If you're not comfortable with the uniqueness that differentiates you and your brand, how can your audience be? #Ego has to go so you can flow and business grow!" - Tracey Bond, PhJrn #NewMedia #Publicist at Beneficience.com #PR | TraceyBond007.com | SpeakIntoThePODlight.com | FacePR.org |#NaturalHairNetwork | DaHairDoc.com | #TSOYBBC #yacoach