"Its Official! Today I'm celebrating induction in 2012-2013 Registry of Worldwide Whos Who of Executive Professionals & Entrepreneurs for 2012-2013 as "CHAMPION MULTI-BRANDED ENTREPRENEUR!" Lets "inbox" an eToast, shall we? To God Be The Glory For The Grace In Good Works! - Tracey Bond

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: “How You Doin’ Hair?”

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: "How You Doin' Hair?" "Wendy Williams gets her tresses tagged today for having no shame in her faux-hair-fashion game. Would you "beweave" she's reached wigstyling stardom in the sketch "Hairpiece Theatre?" Just click and see: How she's hair doin'?...for yourself!" - BondGirl007 #probeautymissionpossible http://www.stylelist.com/tag/Wendy-williams-hairstyle


This Just In...Beauty "WINS": " The Retronaut" - Launching the next era of Daguerrotype Hair Styles that are sure to draw more than a few smiles wide as the river Nile. So This weekend if you're feeling mood-retro, give these a bow-tie-go!' http://www.retronaut.co/2012/07/extreme-daguerrotype-hair-styles-c-1850s-1870s/ "SuperWonderWoman & Global Beauty Expert, Tracey Bond hosts championship-worthy beauty social media…

Tracey Bond 007 launches 3 Daily Beauty eBlogs additions…

"Glamour-Belles ball so hard to stay beautiful these days...on Tracey's page you can learn the ways each day...follow and click above bella-loves." - Tracey Bond ♡ #mywordisbond #probeautymissionpossible @tracey007bond Add another DaHairDoc Pretty-Script-sion! Call yours in @: http://www.dahairdoc.com