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Q: When they ask me what I do? Haters will hate the truth, and I know they can’t handle it but lovers of truth absolutely CAN & there ain’t enough room in a social media post to tell it all…over a nonstop 30 year track that began growing up in a family of #doctors, #dentists, world music #legends, licensed professionals, culture-keepers, history-making business owners from Chicago…’round the world & back…to the Supreme Court of our nation.
As I pen my 4th personal published book: my life story I leave to the world behind me will talk about my business – which has become a beautiful walk with LIVING LEGEND, LEGACY and GOD’s LOVE in every chapter!

Story Snapshot: By age 15 years old I was serving Uptown Bank in Chicago as a bank advisory board member, and being success-coached by the late #JacobyDickens (#3 Blacked-owned bank owner in the US) at just 16 years old…by 17 I found myself seated at a Dress Horseman’s club dinner as escort to the legendary #NBAStar #MichaelJordan, (with a full head of hair at the time lol) receiving one of his 1st of many, many many legendary awards…by 18 I was the volunteer coordinator (after Chicago’s legendary Mayor #HaroldWashington’s death) for the late Chicago Mayor #EugeneSawyer…the rest is fast-tracked super + success social business adventure…of even more magic, mystery, and marvel. To God be all the Glory in that story!!!

I have learned to LOVE investing great gifts and talents in the good soil of people’s lives, greater purpose and legacies.

That is the work of a chosen few…as a multi awardwinning and accomplished Amazon #Bestselling Entrepreneurship Author, Super New Media World Class #Publicist, Social Business #Coach, US #PressAgent Celebrity VIP & Social Business #NewsJournalist, #Certified #SocialMedia Pro, #SocialNetwork Owner (yes owner like Facebook’s #Zuckerberg), Licensed #Cosmetologist, Esthetician Cosmetologist hicago’s #RisingStar Stylist & #ArtisticTeam #PlatformArtist, Healthy #hairproduct salon/soa owner, #eCommercestore proprietor (over 1 million shoppers global circa 1999) & overall #SuperProducer…that is a sampling of the ways I service worldwide the ‘Whos Whos that is YOU!”


“When I taught college students several years ago, I made sure they were empowered to know that the average human has 780 gifts and talents…and to never ever let someone’s lower expectations minimize the potential they can mazimize and leverage with a plethora of marketable skills….that leadership brought this ol’ Bond Girl ☆007☆ higher life invitations to the dinner tables of #Presidential Circles, US Ret. #Generals #GovernorMansions, #MayoralDesks, #PulitzerPublishingNewsExecutives and soooo many #celebrities, #dignitaries and #amazingpeople #onpurpose ever since.

BELIEVE: How you think and act is the magnet for who and what you attract…exact!”


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Welcome to TraceyBond007.com 's Coaching Adventure!

3 Kindergarten Lessons You Should Ignore on Social Media

As a certified social media professional I am elated to read this Hootsuite blog post and of course I have a professional industry commentary to add support its stand-alone merits…

Yes. “Inasmuch as Social Media is a new communication dynamic for a globally connected world, it requires new dynamic’s for one’s engagement  in order to be distinctively heard and seen…valued. A productive social media presence must find its own digital way to flow in this cacophonous sea of communication.

On its journey toward an intended-shore; waves in the sea carry out their purpose by direction of their tidal winds, some majestically rising to a crest, while they billow and roll.

Thusly…the emerging social media management/marketing cultivated artisan that understands the value of this phenomenal platform; will do well to stage their performance with creativity, intelligence and data-miner-conscious responsibility.” – Tracey Bond, Author-Publisher; Hootsuite Certified Social Media Professional & Pro Solutions Partner (BondGirl007PenTerprises.com); The Social Media Management Network group on LinkedIn (#TSMMN)

Enjoy Evan Lepage’s Hootsuite blog pist today – its simplicity could be so creatively liberating for the optimistic social media practitioner that embraces its merits. – Tracey Bond

Photo Credit: Mats Erikkson (Flikr)

Photo Credit: Mats,Erikkson (Flikr)

Click here for Lepage’s Hootsuite full blog post


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Black Fashion Week USA 2015
Casting Call #No.2 Chicago, IL


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Videography by Tracey Bond ☆007☆ (@tracey007bond)
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