#WednesdayWisdom at TraceyBond007.com – My Success Story Beginnings Snapshot!

"When I taught college students several years ago, I made sure they were empowered to know that the average human has 780 gifts and talents...and to never ever let someone's lower expectations minimize the potential they can mazimize and leverage with a plethora of marketable skills....that leadership brought this ol' Bond Girl ☆007☆ higher life invitations to the dinner tables of Presidential Circles, US Ret. Generals Governor's Mansions, Mayoral Desks, Pulitzer Publishing Executives and soooo many cekebrities, dignitaries and ahhhmazing people #onpurpose ever since. BELIEVE: How you think and act is the magnet for who and what you attract...exact!" - Tracey Bond (@tracey007bond)

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"Its Official! Today I'm celebrating induction in 2012-2013 Registry of Worldwide Whos Who of Executive Professionals & Entrepreneurs for 2012-2013 as "CHAMPION MULTI-BRANDED ENTREPRENEUR!" Lets "inbox" an eToast, shall we? To God Be The Glory For The Grace In Good Works! - Tracey Bond

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: “How You Doin’ Hair?”

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: "How You Doin' Hair?" "Wendy Williams gets her tresses tagged today for having no shame in her faux-hair-fashion game. Would you "beweave" she's reached wigstyling stardom in the sketch "Hairpiece Theatre?" Just click and see: How she's hair doin'?...for yourself!" - BondGirl007 #probeautymissionpossible http://www.stylelist.com/tag/Wendy-williams-hairstyle