“Tracey Bond Girl “007” Votes this #1 Superhero Styled Fashion “EYECONIC-COMIC” in her beauty book: Take that to your villanous-vanity bank! BAM! BOOM! POW! Beauty Brav-ohhhhh!” Shared From BuzzFeed: 11 Examples Of Super-Heroine Eye Art “DaHairDoc does Comic Inspired Super-Heroine Eye Art – www.dahairdoc.com”

11 Examples Of Super-Heroine Eye Art http://bzfd.it/MN5nJC

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” The Retronaut” – Launching the next era of Daguerrotype Hair Styles that are sure to draw more than a few smiles wide as the river Nile. So This weekend if you’re feeling mood-retro, give these a bow-tie-go!’

 Extreme Daguerrotype Hair Styles, c.1850s-1870s
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