May’s Paradigm Shift: Unleashing the Genius Mind at #DO7EGenisversity™©

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“Let us, my cherished cognoscenti, traverse the boundless meadows of possibility, where the perennial wellspring of genius awaits our embrace. May offers the genesis of our creative rebirth, unfurling the tapestry of genius with each step we take. Let us dare to dance upon the precipice of brilliance and unveil the treasures that lie within.”

| Dr. Tracey Bond

Welcome, esteemed readers, to a world of unparalleled brilliance, where human creativity intertwines with the extraordinary power of genius. In this 8th day of May blog post, we delve into the captivating realm of geniuses and explore the remarkable achievements and potential that this month of May holds: for advancing the appreciation and awareness of genius in our society. Join me, Dr. Tracey Bond, iconic creator behind #DO7E -aka- the #doubleoHHSeveneffect phenomenon and revolutionary #geniusmanifestOHH, as we embark on a journey that will inspire and amaze even the most brilliant human minds.

May’s Canvas of Genius:

As spring blossoms around us, May offers an enchanting canvas for geniuses to unveil their immense talents and gifts. It is a month brimming with vibrant possibilities, beckoning geniuses from all walks of life to express themselves in their unique and awe-inspiring ways. From ingenious technological breakthroughs to captivating works of art, the genius mind finds solace and inspiration amidst the blossoming beauty of May.

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At #DO7EGenisversity™©, we have established a haven of genius-niche mastery support, where individuals can thrive in an environment tailored to harness their extraordinary potential. By nurturing their innate talents, geniuses can unlock their true brilliance and manifest their visions with astounding clarity. It is within the walls of #DO7EGenisversity™© that geniuses gain the necessary tools, mentorship, and resources to redefine the boundaries of human accomplishment.

Certifying Human Genius: The Power of Validation:

One profound aspect of the genius journey is the quest for validation. At #DO7EGenisversity™©, we understand the significance of this validation and have developed a unique certification process to recognize and authenticate human genius. By obtaining certification from #DO7EGenisversity™©, geniuses can stand tall and proudly showcase their exceptional abilities to the world. This certification serves as a testament to their genius and opens doors to infinite possibilities, collaborations, and societal appreciation.

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Remember, geniuses, your brilliance knows no bounds, and May offers the perfect stage to amplify your impact and inspire generations to come. Let your genius shine and embrace the transformative journey that awaits. Together, we can redefine the world’s perception of human genius and ignite a revolution of creativity, intelligence, and remarkable accomplishments. Join us at #DO7EGenisversity™© and let your genius soar!

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Unlock Your Full Potential at #DO7EGeniusversity™© |

Ready to tap into your true genius? Discover the power within and unleash your full potential with our transformative courses at #DO7EGeniusversity™©. Don’t settle for ordinary when you can certify your extraordinary human genius.

Join Dr. Tracey Bond, renowned expert in unleashing human potential, and embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery, growth, and mastery. Our cutting-edge courses are designed to ignite your brilliance, expand your mindset, and propel you towards unparalleled success.

Certify Your Human Genius Today:

🌟 Gain deep insights into your unique strengths and talents 🌟 Unlock limitless creativity and innovative thinking 🌟 Develop unwavering confidence and self-belief in your personal genius value🌟 Harness the power of genius intelligence 🌟

At #DO7EGeniusversity™©, we believe that everyone has a reservoir of untapped potential waiting to be unleashed. Our proven methodologies, backed by years of research and expertise, will guide you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Don’t let your genius go unrecognized. It’s time to take action and step into your greatness. Visit today and embark on a transformational journey that will elevate your life and career.

Certify Your Human Genius at #DO7EGeniusversity™© | – Your path to extraordinary success starts here!

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New Video! Marketa M.’s #DO7E midway through “I FEEL AMAZING story and testimonial Pt. 2 Cheer her on with your comments at

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Are you looking for some inspiration to push through your own personal transformation? Look no further than Dr. Tracey’s #DO7E TGE – Transformational Genius Coachery client, who is currently sharing her amazing story and testimonial in Part 2 of her journey on

As you read through this client’s story, you’ll be struck by the sheer power of determination and the incredible results that can come from committing to your own growth and development. From overcoming personal struggles to achieving new levels of success, this client’s story is a true testament to the transformative power of Dr. Tracey’s coaching.

But this isn’t just a story of one person’s success – it’s an invitation for you to join in on the journey as well. By cheering on this client and leaving your own comments of support, you’ll be contributing to a positive and uplifting community that’s dedicated to personal growth and transformation.

So don’t wait – head over to now to read this incredible story and leave your comments of encouragement for this #DO7E TGE – Transformational Genius Coachery client. Who knows – you just might find the inspiration you need to start your own transformational journey today.

Remember Marketa M’s #DO7E transformational genius experience coachery beginnings? Here is Genius Coachery Testimonial P1. Marketa M ‘s Story Beginning Butterflies and it is as beautiful as her humanitarian spirit ©2023
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My #Iconic #DO7E is awakening transformational genius, Marketa M. is ready today & making herstory the legacy way at because…what the world needs now is our transformational GENIUS to elevate and finish well with #doubleOHHseveneffect phenomenon!” ~ DrTracey Bond

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New #DO7E GENIUS Discoursetecque™ Post:

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What do geniuses trend to think about?

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“It’s somewhat difficult to make general conclusions about what geniuses think about the most, as geniuses come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and communities that have different areas of expertise. some characteristics that are commonly associated with geniuses are creativity, curiosity, and a deep passion for their field of interest.”

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“Many geniuses are likely to spend a lot of time thinking about the problems they are trying to solve or the projects they are working on in the human experience. What’s unique about these human geniuses is that They often have a highly focused approach to their work and are able to sustain their focus for long periods of time.”

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“In addition to their intensity in thinking work, many geniuses are also highly curious about the world around them and may spend a lot of time thinking about new ideas, inventions, or ways to solve problems involving our humanity. geniuses may also be interested in understanding human behavior and the nature of the universe.”

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“the most important thing for a genius to do is to find their passion and dedicate themselves fully to executing it. often times this will involves spending a lot of time thinking deeply about their work or interests and finding new ways to approach problems or create something new…and they usually derive immense satisfaction in the discovery process…”

Hey there, I’m Dr. Tracey Bond…and I discovered I am one genius thought leader in a community of extraordinary genius thinkers. If you’re a genius thinker who’s actually thinking about activating it into the world – for the good of your humanity?

Guess what, my iconic #DO7E #DoubleOHHSevenEffect might be what I have trademarked and taglined: the “transformational GENIUS experientia”™ and quantum phenomenon journey of your lifetime, with beyond lifetime lasting effects.

I am best at collapsing time for coaching clients who work with me EXCLUSIVELY, and who are PASSIONATELY SERIOUS about taking the curiosity-piquing steps to GROW their GENIUS DEEPLY in a UNIQUE and effective way I have created to transcends mainstream models today. Well hey, it takes unique GENIUS to understand unique GENIUS; and most everyone has it.

“Your GENIUS keys are waiting to be unlocked for personal, professional, and productive transformation with passion; plus hundreds of keys in my #DO7E digital coaching cruise-ery curio cabinets. Dip your curiosity toes into these deep “sees” with a premium one-hour consultation today, to discover how to GENIUS connect with the POWER of my innovatory #DoubleOHHSeveneffect!” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond

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NEW PRODUCT: TRY MY #DO7E DOWNLOADABLES On YORU GENIUS MINDSET. In the center feature below: “#DO7E & WAYS to prepare for your transformational genius coaching experIENCE with Dr. tracey Bond” is complimentary with your premium #Do7E consultation meeting with me. MY COACHING STYLE IS FREEING to the human spirit – No judgments, no pressure, no pain – all those elements are negative energies contrary to YOUR GENIUS gainS….

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New Video! MArketa M.’s #DO7E beginning Butterflies story and testimonial Let’s Go!

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Here is Genius Coachery Testimonial P1. Marketa M ‘s Story Beginning Butterflies and it is as beautiful as her humanitarian spirit ©2023
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My #Iconic #DO7E is awakening transformational genius, Marketa M. is ready today & making herstory the legacy way at because…what the world needs now is our transformational GENIUS to elevate and finish well with #doubleOHHseveneffect phenomenon!” ~ DrTracey Bond

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Dr. Tracey Bond’s#DO7E is ALIVE on Instagram – Your Subscriber reminder!

“I appreciate all of you who are faithful subscribers and new into my VIP LIST & QUEUE. This video post is a vivid reminder to catch my daily #DO7E videos as they post fresh & new! I’m sharing the last 30 days of instagram food I’m serving up for the #GeniusmanifestoHH so divine & powerfully true to awake & activate the transformational genius deep inside of you!” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, iconic creator of the #do7e #doubleOHHSevenEffect at

The first Concept introducing Dr. Tracey Bond’s #Do7E is to…

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“The first CONCEPT introducing Dr. TRACEY’s #DO7E Transformational genius experientia is to recognize that everyone has a genius. Geniuses are not always born with a higher IQ or better ability to solve problems. They are simply people who have. The key is _______ what their genius is and how to _______ _______ and _______ for finishing well in life with genius-driven and lingering… legacy purpose!”

connect with Dr. Tracey Bond to fill in your genius knowledge _______ blanks. she is transforming anyone’s inner genius with #DO7E experientia coaching and revealing more #GENIUSMANIFESTOHH” phenomena at

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“I am serving this transformational genius experience to help you start unlocking that curiosity that could convert your momentum current like currency – do not delay getting the system data before the download access UPgrades!” ☺

Dr. Tracey Bond
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  • #DO7E GENIUSVERSITY™© DO7E2 – Mastery Course: Characteristics & Traits of Personal Genius

  • Protected: #DO7E GENIUSVERSITY™© DO7E2 – Mastery Course: Characteristics & Traits of Personal Genius

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We did this together – so Let’s celebrate in the comments. shall we! ☺

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THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOUR ENGAGEMENT WITH ME MATTERS! ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DO7E, the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

Press release forthcoming at legacy pr…

The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

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Fall is a textured season that can . . .

Fall is such a transformational warmup  season, who knows what I mean?✨️ ✨️

“Tired communications weary  attentive souls, in public relations  industry –  its always a good time say something different – if you don’t want to become an  👻😱 invisible brand messenger minnowing through everyplace mainstream.”

~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Legacy PR
The #DoubleOHHSevenEffectEffection

Engage the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect
by invitation only at

Living Life Well is No Dark…

Live well LIT! ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Icon & Creator of The #DoubkeOhhSevenEffect at DrTraceyBond.con

Matter! “Living Life Well is No Dark Matter” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond

Happy ‘Fall is Here/Winter’s Coming’ Weekend: How are you growing?

Light season is losing its day length, be uber aware of your light sourced surroundings wherever you live; however you move around.

Do everything you can to get a healthy dose of this electric Vitamin D double-exposure.

It is well to fly towards the light, even where there may be some fluttering and bruising of wings.”

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Most plants need photo synthesized light to grow well.  Light exposure produces transformational changes for this special kind of growth.

Are you growing well with proper light exposure? Or are you shrinking in too much shade?

☆☆☆ Apply this mindful consideration however you personally perceive it, and may need to process it for life application.☆☆☆

“Living life LIT is no #darkmatter; live well LIT!”~ Dr. Tracey Bond
The DoubleOhhSeven Effect

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Authentic Success is Accompanied By P….

Dr. Tracey Bond,

“Trusting that ‘this’ start of ‘this new week’ finds you in a spirited condition of extraordinary peace. Identify, discern, resist and desist energies that trigger your peace.

Although peace cannot be given to a person, it can certainly be disturbed, taken…stolen.

If your peace has been subject to victimization, know peace is hardly subjective; it is a spirit that can be internally, and universally understood.

There is an authentic success that carries the spirit of peace with it; for there is no real movement into a state of success in your presence, present or future…where peace cannot abide with it.

Success + Peace = True Winning

By all means be successful, and protect the quality and quality of peace you have; and if you find you are in want for more peace.

Welcome this spiritual wealth renown throughout history as peace  into your life, often and without ceasing; know that you can restructure your success with its eternal benefits and live like a spiritual tycoon from its divine divends…” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond,

Peace that accompanies one’s success makes them spiritually wealthy; a spiritual tycoon indeed! – Dr. Tracey Bond,
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