The name is Bond, Tracey Bond! Being a Bond Girl by a “royal” birth name may bring a bio-entitled claim to my fame…but not to be misconstrued by the exploitative rep of the Bond film as a “play” thing… It is my mission possible to make known & shown that there is a virtue & beauty in the “new” era of Bond Girl (beauty, brains & “breadth” of CHARACTER)!

Q: If those 3 words can form a “metatag” line embedded in your STRENGTH of mind…geat ready to align….and arise for YOUR inner-outer Bond Girl “time to shine” has come.

Q: Where are my “sisterhood” of Bond Girls at? Digi-holla so I…so we can hear you…revere you…endear you. ♡ -Tracey Bond Girl “007”



The Bond Girl “007” Seven-Heaven Girl Sisterhood is forming with details to come…interested in aligning? Inbox me…

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