Milestone moment with gratefulness testimony…”I have yet to be this publicly honored by an int’l champion of women…” ~ Thank you Tanya Carr

“Milestone moment with gratefulness testimony: “I have yet to be this publicly honored by an international champion of women, like Tanya Carr of Female Leaders C.E.LE.B.R.A.T.E Your Wins group on Facebook! 🥰🥰🥰”

— Dr. Tracey Bond |

Tanya Carr, Admin of Female Leaders C.E.L.E.B.R.A.T.E Your wins

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“Jesus promised truly, truly (as The Word) a hundredfold return to anyone who gives up people (relatives, children, spouses) property, and possession for THE SAKE OF The Kingdom of God would receive a hundredfold return IN THIS LIFE and the one TO COME. I chose to believe Him having researched and studied this circa 2008-2009…today makes #007 x 2 years of the beginning of that divine authoritative Word in phenomenal, mystical, miracle believing manifestation! Let’s Go Glory of God, I am humbled, honored, alive and HERE occupying for it.” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond

The Secret Things Belong To God 🤫🙌🏽Luke 18

#KOGGD #TouchnotHisAnointed…🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽💨😇🤗💫💥💨

Early pre-press milestone announcement: Dr. Tracey Bond, has accomplished + earned her high-level Doctor of Letters degree, HUMA, Div. becoming Dr. DoubleOHHSeven™ official.

👏Wait for it: Press Announcement forthcoming… Legacy PR’s (@beneficiencepr_beverlyhills ) iconic Hollywood Award winning, certified publicist, socialbusiness-lite celebrity clientele, highly recommended and reviewed, badged as Linked In’s #Best in PR consulting, bestselling serial book author/producer at @pullpenz, Lady Tracey Bond is officially Dr. Tracey Bond, and answers to Dr, DoubleOHHSeven™ with her high Doctor Of Letters Degree.

From Wikipedia (Source) Doctor of Litterature (D.Litt.Litt.D.Latin: Litterarum Doctor or Doctor Litterarum) is a terminal degree in the humanities that, depending on the country, is a higher doctorate after the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree or equivalent to a higher doctorate, such as the Doctor of Science (Sc.D. or D.Sc.). It is awarded in many countries by universities and learned bodies in recognition of superior accomplishment in the humanities, original contributions to the creative or cultural arts, or scholarship and other merits. It may be conferred as an earned degree upon the completion of a regular doctoral course of study, usually including the development and defense of an original dissertation,[1][2][3] or may be conferred as an earned higher doctorate after the submission and academic evaluation of a portfolio of sustained scholarship, publications, research, or other scientific work of the highest caliber.

Dr. Bond’s career includes the roles of luxury brand manager, “the branding bullionaire,” @authoriousmagazine & @popupreneur magazine publisher/editor, ret. College Instructor, & for #PulitzerPublishingNewspaper Executive, NIE founder, Publicist, marketer, front page news journalist, education (Local/Nat’l Wire Story) columnist, VIP Press Agent at BondGirl007Penterprises / #SplashMagazines Chicago/LA + AW cosmetologist, estheticitian, beauty industry mogul, salon owner at, owner of Natural Hair Network & FaceBookingU & FacePR Founder, as well as the executive producer of @entrepreneurshiplive #tvshow, #SpeakIntoThePodlight (over 100+ #podcast interviews and episodes on BlogTalkRadio.

Dr. Bond is also the founder owner of #BecomingEntreprenairess Elite Women Entrepreneurs #elevation #membership @ladytraceybond007 previously renown as (#TraceyBond) has #evolved academically, professionally, spiritually and legally earned, graduated on the eve of Independence Day, July 3rd, 2002, with a high-level accomplished, doctor of letters degree, becoming Dr. Tracey Bond, (renown as Dr. DoubleOHHSeven) innovatory creator of the #doubleohhseveneffect, whose #spiritexpertise as featured all Spring and Summer 2022 in Womens Day magazine readies to celebrate 7 years of business excellence with this pre-press announcement of her recent accomplishment.

And Dr. Bond says her legacy has yet to apply the thrusters as she impacts mind-jetters with the wonderful impact she has created and evolved into the #doubleOHHseveneffect.

All media inquiries for interviews relevant to this news may be directed to Visit online at Legacy PR online.

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#Juneteenth 2020

“Slavery may have ended in 1865 on govern-your-mentality paper, but not culturally, economically, or with fair reparations published in African-American realities.” @tracey007bond

Its Juneteenth America!!!

“Learn more about Juneteenth”

“Freedom, equality, peace and reparations is the portion all African-Americans seek, for our valuable ancestry…our living…and chosen futures! We have a journey ahead, but the transport is made possible with every intentional action made toward our destiny-nation.” ~ @Tracey007Bond

Each one of you reading this is connected to an Afro-American in our universe.

Juneteenth: Wikipedia

Reparations may be long overdue, but here’s something empathetic & active #BLM supporters can do to help reverse the financial curse.

Celebrated Juneteenth!
Its simple. Learn the 5W’s around it. Help bring positive change about it. Lets demand and make a national move toward reparations for descendants of African-Americans ALIVE today…
its deserved, its overdue…
and it matters!
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This is the economic cooperation african-american community and culture need to handle their business within the world.

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“Economic cooperation is stimulation that works!“~ @Tracey007Bond