Thursday Thoughts for #Entrepreneurs YES #SpiritFedEntrepreneurs!

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Tracey Bond VIP Executive of BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago and London UK publishes “The POWER of PR” on LinkedIn’s Pulse…

Q: "What are you actively doing as a public personage figure? As a business or brand with your public? Consider how that might 'looks' 'sound' and 'feel' in perception by your social public!" - Tracey Bond, PR Executive at (@BENEFICIENCE) Blog:

"Its Official! Today I'm celebrating induction in 2012-2013 Registry of Worldwide Whos Who of Executive Professionals & Entrepreneurs for 2012-2013 as "CHAMPION MULTI-BRANDED ENTREPRENEUR!" Lets "inbox" an eToast, shall we? To God Be The Glory For The Grace In Good Works! - Tracey Bond

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: “How You Doin’ Hair?”

Have-It-Their-Way Thursday: "How You Doin' Hair?" "Wendy Williams gets her tresses tagged today for having no shame in her faux-hair-fashion game. Would you "beweave" she's reached wigstyling stardom in the sketch "Hairpiece Theatre?" Just click and see: How she's hair doin'?...for yourself!" - BondGirl007 #probeautymissionpossible