Fiverr Hosts International Freelancer Day Celebration Tonight

"Thank you for the invitation FIVERR, as a day onerr it was a joy to attend with other select freelancers and be celebrated for the special services we provide others today on International Freelancers Day. Its been a long time building legacies together...lets keep expanding and elevating our (levels) of excellence." ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, PR, The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™ announced for Small Business Virtual Extravaganza Spring 2022 Speaker Lineup

Join me, and event star founder, #ThePassionpreneurCoach ✯✯ Blaney Teal ✯✯ and a host of presenters for a unique on-line experience Friday April 29, and 30th, 2022 8AM-2PM EST. For more information on this incredible event, go to See you there!

Wherever I need solitude, I go to sleep. That kind of self-care isn’t selfish the way we tend to connotate it, its SUCCESS! ~ Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

"My future starts when I wake up every morning. That's when it starts-when I wake up and see the first light. Then, I'm grateful." ~ Miles Davis, Jazz Musician The energy of this new month in the New Year 2022 is just the motivation I needed to start fresh. For years, I've made it a…

Make Merry Everday! Happy Holidays with Love from Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Sending you my heartfelt wishes forhigher love, peace and prosperityto come your way every day! He's the eternal living reasonto keep believing & celebrating the GIFT He is to usevery season, that lasts more than 24 hours! Wisdom of the ages teaches us thatcannot GIVE to others what…

“I was always counsel my clients by asking the question:___?”

"I was always counsel my clients by asking the question: Q: If you're not comfortable with the uniqueness that differentiates you and your brand, how can your audience be? #Ego has to go so you can flow and business grow!" - Tracey Bond, PhJrn #NewMedia #Publicist at #PR | | | |#NaturalHairNetwork | | #TSOYBBC #yacoach

Tracey Bond VIP Executive of BENEFICIENCE Prolific Personage PR of Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Chicago and London UK publishes “The POWER of PR” on LinkedIn’s Pulse…

Q: "What are you actively doing as a public personage figure? As a business or brand with your public? Consider how that might 'looks' 'sound' and 'feel' in perception by your social public!" - Tracey Bond, PR Executive at (@BENEFICIENCE)