Early pre-press milestone announcement: Dr. Tracey Bond, has accomplished + earned her high-level Doctor of Letters degree, HUMA, Div. becoming Dr. DoubleOHHSeven™ official.

Dr. Bond previously renown as (Lady Tracey Bond) has evolved academically, professionally, spiritually and legally earned, graduated with her high-level accomplished, doctor of letters degree, becoming Dr. Tracey Bond, D. Lit or D. Litt (Dr. DoubleOHHSeven) innovatory creator of the #doubleohhseveneffect, whose #spiritexpertise as featured all Spring and Summer 2022 in #WomensDay magazine readies to celebrate 7 years of business excellence with this pre-press announcement of her recent accomplishment.

“I lived on a #Parkavenue for 8 years…it didn’t even cost me $23.8million” – ~ @tracey007bond #Authorquotes

"I lived on a #Parkavenue for 8 years it didn't even cost me $23.8 million" ~@tracey007bond http://stfi.re/wxoprly #saturdaymornings #OMG http://ow.ly/i/sGVGl Tracey Bond is available for select media opportunities, speaking engagements, tastemaker and newsworthy socialite events. Please submit your VIP event planning &  media contact interests below:

Thursday Thoughts for #Entrepreneurs YES #SpiritFedEntrepreneurs!

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