“I lived on a #Parkavenue for 8 years…it didn’t even cost me $23.8million” – ~ @tracey007bond #Authorquotes

"I lived on a #Parkavenue for 8 years it didn't even cost me $23.8 million" ~@tracey007bond http://stfi.re/wxoprly #saturdaymornings #OMG http://ow.ly/i/sGVGl Tracey Bond is available for select media opportunities, speaking engagements, tastemaker and newsworthy socialite events. Please submit your VIP event planning &  media contact interests below:

“Think about it for #007 seconds, at this moment, you are probably #NOT on a corner holding a tin can for a budget in your hand” -@Tracey007Bond ‪#‎Another‬reason for a ‪#‎ThankfulThursday‬!

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REGISTRATION IS OPEN‬ for Womens Global Leadership Alliance May 3rd, 2016 Meeting

REGISTRATION IS OPEN‬ for May 3rd, 2016 Meeting > > > Join your WGLA Chicago Chapter Director, Tracey Bond and other amazing ladies this upcoming Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016 for a second meeting round of “Women’s Global Leadership Alliance” Chicago sharing 90 memorable minutes of connection, collaboration and empowerment for success as WGLA Women. Video…