^07 Happy VIP News Monday CampKidsAreKids.org


^07 Happy VIP News Monday CampKidsAreKids.org (#CKAKC). I’m pleased to see that my new USPA #VIP #socialbusinessintellegence event news beat is top reporter trending. http://ow.ly/O0CdG | The #mediaexposure for my last news story is still climbing. I really enjoyed reporting on this delicious #Ritz-Carlton #Chicago Presentation of their first: “Celebrated Chefs Cook For A Cause event last atop deca’s bar rooftop. Hmm hmm so good for us and the children as a matter of course. 🙂
For PRESS Photo Gallery – click “PHOTOS in page MENU. #Readitnow #BondGirl007eNewsRoom #BondGirl007VIPSocialNewsBuzz, #BondGirl007SocialNewsBuzz, T: @BondGirl007pen

DSC_0732-1 Ritz Carlton CCFAC CKAKC

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