Midweek Conversation at the GATES of Life: 1 minute please…

closed blue gate
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“If you are not a thinking reader of the social media messages you consume – save your time and skip this post, it won’t even serve you. I never post, just to post! Pictures speak millions of words to conscious minds when I use them – and there’s always a musement-MESSAGE to consider your edification…Selah 😶

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“You can help people but do it with high discernment. Some people and relationships and opportunities are up for a change of position in our lives, it likely has everything to do with the #VALUE Divine love will call for you to measure and decide their entry/access/ to and from you and your life! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

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“Know that the gates of your life = the value and status of your life.”

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The rhetorical phrase: “Birds if a feather flock together…” is so true. I say we don’t flock together, you may very well be a bird of a different design…a different NATURE and #PURPOSE!

photo of eagles perched on tree branches
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I say, #Eagles and #buzzards are different classifications of birds, one feeds on “#livingfresh” food, the other a diet of #naturestrash and serve different purposes in their Created design.”(A preschoolers will understand this comparision in a brief lesson on differences.)

We must know who we are flockin’ with…Why subject our destiny to suffering because we let anything tresspass our lives. No tresspassing is the sign on my life this year – because I myself have put a spiritual lock on the gates of my destiny.

white black and orange bird selective focus photography
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The value key grants access within, and determines the lock out. In this first month of the year make precedental changes for a domino effect.Gated communities exist for a reason – they usually have security staff that GUARD access to entry and monitor exits to maintain security…Lock the gates to the destiny, time, and relational wasters. Survey the connection traffic in your lives.

gray keys
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Make decisions like a ruler would over their kingdom. Let people go quickly and as quietly, skip the drama as much as possible, cancel admission tickets and render null and void those who add know value to your life.

concrete building under blue sky
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I promise you with every divine word of wisdom God gives His children – for walking- soaring in this word….locking them out, will accelerate your destiny beginning, momentum, and favorable finish will reward you for it at gates made of fire-purified gold.” 💛🪙🏆

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~ Dr. Tracey Bond IConiC creator OF THE #DO7E transformational geniius experience phenomenon | DrTraceyBond.com

Its time to activate, transform, and demonstrate your destiny genius! …and understand #timingiseverything #DO7E

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