The Inaugural CLINK Festival -The Inaugural Clink Festival at Wilder Mansion was the epic sommelier and taste~staking…

…event to kickoff and crown the Fall season in Chicagoland, founded by two significant Black women the world needs to know…

CLINK Festival – The Inaugural Buzzworthy Wine and Spirits Festival, Sipping Into The Fall Season Chicago

Joyce Dawkins She Rocks It, Founder-Creator & Magazine Owner and Chrishon Lampley ~Negociant, and Founder of LCS Entertainment Inc. (learn more in article as follows…) The event took place in almost every space and room in the Wilder Mansion place, throughout two floors with effervescent energy, and the sound of clinking glassware as guests toured, and retoured the mansion filled with endless bottle services from different vendors and wine lovers, their sages, and sippers from all over the nation.

I am honored to bring you coverage of this event via Splash Magazine Worldwide as the article is officially live at CLINK Festival – The Inaugural Buzzworthy Wine and Spirits Festival, Sipping Into The Fall Season Chicago – Splash Magazines (!


CLINK FESTIVAL is a Chicago-based wine and spirits festival dedicated to highlighting Women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the industry. The event sipped-in
just ahead of Fall 2022’s start of the season just 4 weeks ago on September18th, 2022 with over fifty brands, over ten makers, and over 309 (21+) attendees at the decadent bi-level Wilder Mansion located in Elmhurst, Illinois.

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To learn more about the participants, contributors, special guests, sommeliers, experts, and
emcees, that CLINK FESTIVAL hosted and more, point your internet browser to Clink Festival’s website

Clink festivaL @ wilder mansion, circa september 18 ’22

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