The Authentic Agent Bond Girl, Born on the Double Ohh Seventh of August for Her Majesty’s Not So Secret Social Business Service To Humankind

You’ve arrived at the official site to connect for professional social business services with the bestselling author & book producer, the media personality & producer, the radio, podcast & tv host, the curriculum creator & course facilitator, the high society, celebrity & classy event tastemaker…

She’s Badged LinkedIn’s Best In PR Consulting since 2016 & The Branding Bullionaire™ , She is authentically nonfictional…and in your digital face, she is Bond, Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

more you may not know but need-to-know about the COmmunications (PR) industry icon, Lady tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

Out With The Old TREND INTO YOUR NEW by Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

Vetted most recently as one of LinkedIn’s Best In PR Consulting, Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™ has built a Hollywood media award-winning virtual pr operative circa 2015 serving the public with education, high profile, value, and wealth clientele; of respectable note as a retired, and awarded pioneering Pulitzer Publishing Newspaper In Education (N.I.E) executive.She established its first-ever N.I.E program as founder in the position; sharing the public facing roles as a marketing and public relations manager.

Lady Tracey earned press bylines for front page and centerfold news stories that trended the national wire. In that role she gained the remarkable opportunity to provide marketable skills advisory and consulting to the White House upon request of Retired U.S. Officials: President William (Bill) Clinton, and U.S. General Colin Powell in America’s Summit For Youth: 2 Million by 2000. She was press detailed every day by Federal Express from the White House during that assignment; in which she received invitation to the Illinois Governor’s mansion, as a state delegate, and Mayor Greg Sparrow’s blessing as a city delegate as well.

Lady Tracey’s wisdom has been published online and in print since the early 2000’s, curated on numerous sites, in media opportunities with extensive search results, as a result of my certified social media management activity she began long before Hootsuite, Inc. launched the training.

She has strategically published her legacy over the last two decades or more; and have featured in business-to business (B2B) digital publications, in anthologies, and her expertise taught in Illinois Media school classrooms. She has authored 5 books written and self-published in the humanitarian interest, 1 textbook, one of which was an anthology contribution turned, ‘Amazon bestseller’ in 1 day – titled: “Spirit Fed Entrepreneur”. Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™ wrote that one with several ‘fearless’ millionaires. She has compiled books for celebrities ,and some who were too depressed and destitute, to produce their own. A 2x NFL Superbowl Champ football player’s Mom is a pr client who she compiled a memoir for, that made #2 and #3 on Amazon’s Bestseller list in Football Biographies, 3 days before it launched on Mother’s Day last year. One week later her book gained a secondary credential as a Top Sports and Outdoor 90-minute read…all thanks to a genius pr-strategy.

She has created, hosted and executively produced at least three internet-based PR centric tv programs, one which is listed on IMDb: EntrePReneurship Live at 8:45pm, etc. She has also achieved recognition for her success given by a Stellar award-winning media personality, Darryl King as a sought-after radio program personality, and producer on a tri-state major FM channel.

Lady Tracey has produced over one-hundred Blog Talk Radio podcasts on my “Speak Into the Podlight” Show. She has launched 2 marketable magazines this year featuring major industry influencers, “Authorious Magazine & PopUPreneur Magalogue.” After recovering from a life-threatening, 10-days in ICU having contracted a variant of the pneumonia virus (from a 14-flight tour servicing celebrity PR clients), she wrote and branded, my PR legacy memoir in a 3-day weekend titled: “EntrePReneurIShing™”.

My most recent philanthropic endeavors, include a passionate production partnership as a media sponsor in the Metaverse for the Virtual Soulful Book Fair, and The Book Slam Room + European Book Slam Room on Clubhouse. She also created a luxury women entrepreneurs membership experience to elevate members economic values and worth with public relations power. This year after participating in a million dollar offer incubator experience, she launched the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect.

Like the popular movies that hint at her authentic, and very mystic real-life Bond Girl birthright by name, and millionaire-in-her DNA fame, she is still evolving and exploring the passion of the communication industry in every discoverable way. She remains a quantum-leap-ready student, and these transformative paradigm-times, her masterclass teachers. Selah…