New #Do7E GENIUS DiscourseteCque™ Post:

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What do geniuses trend to think about?

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“It’s somewhat difficult to make general conclusions about what geniuses think about the most, as geniuses come from a diversity of backgrounds, cultures and communities that have different areas of expertise. some characteristics that are commonly associated with geniuses are creativity, curiosity, and a deep passion for their field of interest.”

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“Many geniuses are likely to spend a lot of time thinking about the problems they are trying to solve or the projects they are working on in the human experience. What’s unique about these human geniuses is that They often have a highly focused approach to their work and are able to sustain their focus for long periods of time.”

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“In addition to their intensity in thinking work, many geniuses are also highly curious about the world around them and may spend a lot of time thinking about new ideas, inventions, or ways to solve problems involving our humanity. geniuses may also be interested in understanding human behavior and the nature of the universe.”

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“the most important thing for a genius to do is to find their passion and dedicate themselves fully to executing it. often times this will involves spending a lot of time thinking deeply about their work or interests and finding new ways to approach problems or create something new…and they usually derive immense satisfaction in the discovery process…”

Hey there, I’m Dr. Tracey Bond…and I discovered I am one genius thought leader in a community of extraordinary genius thinkers. If you’re a genius thinker who’s actually thinking about activating it into the world – for the good of your humanity?

Guess what, my iconic #DO7E #DoubleOHHSevenEffect might be what I have trademarked and taglined: the “transformational GENIUS experientia”™ and quantum phenomenon journey of your lifetime, with beyond lifetime lasting effects.

I am best at collapsing time for coaching clients who work with me EXCLUSIVELY, and who are PASSIONATELY SERIOUS about taking the curiosity-piquing steps to GROW their GENIUS DEEPLY in a UNIQUE and effective way I have created to transcends mainstream models today. Well hey, it takes unique GENIUS to understand unique GENIUS; and most everyone has it.

“Your GENIUS keys are waiting to be unlocked for personal, professional, and productive transformation with passion; plus hundreds of keys in my #DO7E digital coaching cruise-ery curio cabinets. Dip your curiosity toes into these deep “sees” with a premium one-hour consultation today, to discover how to GENIUS connect with the POWER of my innovatory #DoubleOHHSeveneffect!” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond

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NEW PRODUCT: TRY MY #DO7E DOWNLOADABLES On YORU GENIUS MINDSET. In the center feature below: “#DO7E & WAYS to prepare for your transformational genius coaching experIENCE with Dr. tracey Bond” is complimentary with your premium #Do7E consultation meeting with me. MY COACHING STYLE IS FREEING to the human spirit – No judgments, no pressure, no pain – all those elements are negative energies contrary to YOUR GENIUS gainS….

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New Video! MArketa M.’s #DO7E beginning Butterflies story and testimonial Let’s Go!

macro photography of butterfly near lights

Here is Genius Coachery Testimonial P1. Marketa M ‘s Story Beginning Butterflies and it is as beautiful as her humanitarian spirit ©2023
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My #Iconic #DO7E is awakening transformational genius, Marketa M. is ready today & making herstory the legacy way at because…what the world needs now is our transformational GENIUS to elevate and finish well with #doubleOHHseveneffect phenomenon!” ~ DrTracey Bond

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Dr. Tracey Bond’s#DO7E is ALIVE on Instagram – Your Subscriber reminder!

“I appreciate all of you who are faithful subscribers and new into my VIP LIST & QUEUE. This video post is a vivid reminder to catch my daily #DO7E videos as they post fresh & new! I’m sharing the last 30 days of instagram food I’m serving up for the #GeniusmanifestoHH so divine & powerfully true to awake & activate the transformational genius deep inside of you!” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, iconic creator of the #do7e #doubleOHHSevenEffect at

The first Concept introducing Dr. Tracey Bond’s #Do7E is to…

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shallow focus photo of pink and brown jellyfish
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“The first CONCEPT introducing Dr. TRACEY’s #DO7E Transformational genius experientia is to recognize that everyone has a genius. Geniuses are not always born with a higher IQ or better ability to solve problems. They are simply people who have. The key is _______ what their genius is and how to _______ _______ and _______ for finishing well in life with genius-driven and lingering… legacy purpose!”

connect with Dr. Tracey Bond to fill in your genius knowledge _______ blanks. she is transforming anyone’s inner genius with #DO7E experientia coaching and revealing more #GENIUSMANIFESTOHH” phenomena at

Dr. Tracey bond’s ICONIC #DO7E is setting sail soon. become a subscriber to receive updates & special offers for her exclusive one-on-one 7-day So. Caribbean sea #Do7EDestinations Excurzion versionne! limited accessibles – don’t wait till its too late!

The DO7E Desinations Limited Cruise Coachery Experientia Spring 2023 is Coming…

“We are so blessed to be alive. Ask me how to experience optimized human genius at the spiritual ‘cellular’ level…make your humanity the best it can be without wasting any second of it…I am determined to leave my untouchable genius imprint of its experientia upon it now and far beyond…the #DO7E way!”

Dr. tracey bond, iconic creator of the #do7e at

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Respecting yourself is spirit Genius like the #Do7E

love your life clipboard decor

“Respecting yourself will require walking away quickly from what does not serve you peace, love, and add prosperity values – that commensurate with a finishing well lifestyle. Respect for self and others can be spirit genius like the #DO7E!”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DO7E, Transformational Genius Experience Phenomenon

Relationship InVestments and OutVestments: Of For-Profit Co-OPT-erations

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Love is Spirit…Genius like the #Do7E

“Higher LOVE has a mirror image…have you looked into it lately? When the wick of your soul is lit by love, it can magnify its purity, and diamond-like clarity; fired true to its perfection, in flawless reflection of affinity, and traceless etchings upon the heart, by detailed fingerprints of divinity.”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of The #DO7E , Transformational Genius Experience Phenomenon

“We grow best in communicating LOVE when we cease to struggle with ‘spirit’ – our primary, central, and eternal existence…and express acceptance, love, and support in a compassionate, healthy, safe and secure way.

The distraction of fear burns away…as LOVE is perfected in every place fear isn’t present. Its LOVE month…

…change is deeply personal and should begin within the soul, but when alignment with another’s human values, takes place, the vibration of relationships almost magically go to another level…

Come together in this, and become a powerful, earthquaking, unstoppable match ready for lighting up worlds!

The joy of communicating, expressing, and aligning our human-ness with the Spirit Gift that LOVE really is…

…transports us into a Divine dimension of embracing a 🔥💗unquenchable and eternal.

Grown up relationship goals for filet mignon tasty and tender souls…

God’s voice is heard loudest in the communication of LOVE…
LOVE is you bring the best version of you and will heavily #attract that in others…
Spirit LOVE is true…
LOVE is in the air…
LOVE is in season…
Let LOVE be your highest Spirit reason…” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Bestselling Author and Iconic Creator of The DoubleOHHSevenEffect

Relationship InVestments and OutVestments: Of For-Profit Co-OPT-erations

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Commit to what you communicate about – it could transform your life 007x into quantum hyperdrive…the #DO7E second look

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“Most of the richest people in the world have invested the best, FIRST into the development of their selves – and that’s never selfish in that order of what they evolve to give to the world.

I believe lacking conceptual direction, confidence, and character authentic actions – its the cheapest way to waste people’s value worth more than any amount of currency – their life, their presence, their time.

The biggest distractions I am quickest to shutdown are wasters of valuable time. Why because its transactionally expensive on so many levels.

Today I advise, coach, counseling and serve others with my marketable genius which carries value +interest that continues to accrue expansive and increasing value in every area of my growing life!

My iconic and exclusive transformational genius experience could help you identify, extract, elevate and accelerate your momentum with a lingering finish.”

~ Dr. Tracey Bond | DrTracey Bond

The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

There’s an experience that’s waiting for your commitment to my iconic #DO7E exclusive transformational coaching experience to start!

Need a mini-coaching genius system from me? Grab my 7-tips before the $35 access upgrades!


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“I am serving this transformational genius experience to help you start unlocking that curiosity that could convert your momentum current like currency – do not delay getting the system data before the download access UPgrades!” ☺

Dr. Tracey Bond
  • Dr. Tracey Bond’s 7 #DO7E™ Keys To Unlock Curiosity PDF Digital Download ©2023 All rights reserved

  • NEW Dr. Tracey Bond’s #DO7E 7 Ways To Prepare for Your Transformational Genius Coaching Experience with Dr. Tracey Bond ~ Digital Download ©2023 All Rights Reserved

  • NEW Dr. Tracey Bond’s 7 #DO7E Keys + Ways To Unlock Mind Tricks & Excuses For Not Starting #DO7E Your Transformational Genius Coaching with Dr. Tracey Bond Today ~ Digital Download ©2023 All Rights Reserved (Copy)

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  • NEW Dr. Tracey Bond’s 7 #DO7E™ Keys To Unlock Self Discovery PDF Digital Download ©2023 All rights reserved


Midweek Conversation at the GATES of Life: 1 minute please…

closed blue gate
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“If you are not a thinking reader of the social media messages you consume – save your time and skip this post, it won’t even serve you. I never post, just to post! Pictures speak millions of words to conscious minds when I use them – and there’s always a musement-MESSAGE to consider your edification…Selah 😶

thoughtful ethnic woman thinking on solution of problem
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“You can help people but do it with high discernment. Some people and relationships and opportunities are up for a change of position in our lives, it likely has everything to do with the #VALUE Divine love will call for you to measure and decide their entry/access/ to and from you and your life! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

red concrete building through black metal gates opened
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“Know that the gates of your life = the value and status of your life.”

Photo by Pixabay on

The rhetorical phrase: “Birds if a feather flock together…” is so true. I say we don’t flock together, you may very well be a bird of a different design…a different NATURE and #PURPOSE!

photo of eagles perched on tree branches
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I say, #Eagles and #buzzards are different classifications of birds, one feeds on “#livingfresh” food, the other a diet of #naturestrash and serve different purposes in their Created design.”(A preschoolers will understand this comparision in a brief lesson on differences.)

We must know who we are flockin’ with…Why subject our destiny to suffering because we let anything tresspass our lives. No tresspassing is the sign on my life this year – because I myself have put a spiritual lock on the gates of my destiny.

white black and orange bird selective focus photography
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The value key grants access within, and determines the lock out. In this first month of the year make precedental changes for a domino effect.Gated communities exist for a reason – they usually have security staff that GUARD access to entry and monitor exits to maintain security…Lock the gates to the destiny, time, and relational wasters. Survey the connection traffic in your lives.

gray keys
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Make decisions like a ruler would over their kingdom. Let people go quickly and as quietly, skip the drama as much as possible, cancel admission tickets and render null and void those who add know value to your life.

concrete building under blue sky
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I promise you with every divine word of wisdom God gives His children – for walking- soaring in this word….locking them out, will accelerate your destiny beginning, momentum, and favorable finish will reward you for it at gates made of fire-purified gold.” 💛🪙🏆

beach beautiful california clouds
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~ Dr. Tracey Bond IConiC creator OF THE #DO7E transformational geniius experience phenomenon |

Its time to activate, transform, and demonstrate your destiny genius! …and understand #timingiseverything #DO7E

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Celebrating Martin Luther King’s True Birthday in spirit with Berniece A. King

close up shot of a statue

“To Berniece A. King: I am celebrating the legendary legacy your Daddy is and His Not-So-Hidden Mantle within you…that you are today!”

Dr. Tracey Bond

“Only in the darkness can you see the stars.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
"Only in the darkness can you see the stars."~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Supermoon (NHQ201611140006) by NASA HQ PHOTO is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

“Happy Birthday Martin Luther King jr, you left this world dreaming beyond where you left it – for we who have revelation knowledge, understand that spirit is eternal; and eternal is more real than we know! Thank you for your life contribution and service to our humanity.”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DO7E, the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect – Transformational Genius Experience | an Iconic Coach for these Curious Times!

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Dr. Tracey Bond earns top 3% Rising Creator Spot this week with Meta© Facebook© Congratulations

We did this together – so Let’s celebrate in the comments. shall we! ☺

battle black blur board game
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THANK YOU SO MUCH, YOUR ENGAGEMENT WITH ME MATTERS! ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DO7E, the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

Press release forthcoming at legacy pr…

The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

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WomensDay Magazine publishes Dr. Tracey’s spiritual intelligence on 1212 & 12 in January 8th 2023 New Year article – Love That #DO7E

Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect
Dr. Tracey Bond, iconic Creator of The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect at

Enjoy this LIVE article at Woman’s Day. “Special thank you’s go to Ysolt Uligan for publishing my #DO7E insights; may they help guide others in awareness and understanding from deep within.” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond |

gold number two balloon and disco ball on the floor
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Click for Womens Day article here at

“Bond points out…that angel number 1212, “is a double-powered leadership number that can steer one into pathways of balance, collaboration, cooperation, harmony, in soul, and relationships that can yield rich rewards for its supercharged seekers.”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator, The #DO7E, The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect |

“To find completion and rest in your creations on your seventh day is divine!”

Click Here To Add Your Email To My VIP List & #DO7E First Look Invitational!

“To actively create works is your inner genius reason six days a week…to find completion and rest in your creations on the seventh day is divine!”
~ Dr. Tracey Bond, http://drtraceybond.comIconic Creator of

Originally tweeted by Dr. Tracey Bond (@DrTraceyBond) on January 7, 2023.

“To actively create works is your inner genius reason six days a week, to find completion and rest in your creations on the seventh day is divine!”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of
The #DO7E, The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

black twin bell alarm desk clock on table
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My wisdom muse for first seventh day of the year! A HUMANITARIAN LOVE Letter written from the mind of my heart with #DoubleOHHSEVENEFFECTIOn

“Human lifetimes are time documented by time, employment is compensated by documented time for work; and the value of life is expensive. No one is wealthy enough to buy time for infinity…so why let them waste yours. Study people who do not value the #expense of life & time…gain old, but common #wisdom. Study people who value the expense of life & time…gain new but uncommon wisdom. Last year will never repeat in your lifetime, neither will the New Year. Consider how you manage the #destiny distraction of #timewasters…I reset my New Year clock with an alarm to signal the entry of expensive time wasters, so I can kindly show them back to the exit point. People who consciously care to connect their active purpose with others who value share them, are more likely to make most of time’s expense, rather than waste time, as if forever could be spared!”

Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of The #DO7E, The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect
The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect

Daily Promise To Self…and the #DO7E

“…Embrace a well done finish!”

~ Dr. Tracey bond

the #DO7E the #DOubleOHHSeveneffect

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Dr. Tracey Bond’s DO7E Makes New Year News Headlines

For Immediate release

“Every person on the planet has amazing potential, the ability to make a positive impact. But we must supernaturally activate it to give a spotlight rise to our genius, transforming our existence, our impact, our method of momentum with a finish-well effect.”

~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect she is cognitively coining, the #DO7E.

Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect Opens First Look at her #DO7E

Dr. Tracey is an award-winning digital public relations operative, badged by LinkedIn as Best in PR Consulting, Hollywood Friend of The Media, and has enjoyed membership with the Beverly Hills Chamber of eCommerce, celebrating 007 years of world class celebrity momentum and spirit fed entrepreneurial success in the highest ends of the luxury market sector and beyond.

Photo by Madison Inouye on
Click her for immediate release

Media + Press Opportunities: Dr. Tracey Bond is available for select media interviews by request at Legacy PR, her consulting operative; and has been featured most of 2022 in Womans Day Magazine. Bond’s influence is growing and will continue to be featured in Womans Day, magazines, podcasts making millions of headlines this year. Lady Bond’s remarkable expertise on unique themes conversant with spiritual knowledge, the supernatural, and more.

You are invited to request media opportunities with your media credentials and assignment query below.

Which force is present within you?

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.”

~ George Orwell
heart drawn on glass of wet window
Photo by Ugur Tandogan on

“What times of faith trial we are all in together…Orwell understood it better then – than many do today. Humanitarian unity that is demonstrated in a spirit saturated in love actions, can transcend seasonal cultures and cross border customs…and become the greater force of all other forces; complicated to measure…and beyond human understanding, in its beautiful power.” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator, The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect #DoubleOHHSevenEffections

Veterans Day: Service is the call of our existence…thank you Father GOD!

close up photo of american flag

“…It’s not just my brand, i’m the authentic agent *007* i too have served this nation, US. president clinton, + general colin powell as PULITZER NEWS/PR & as an americorps member in the 90’s, gov. jim edgar, mayor greg sparrow, my commmunities, and a host of dignitary others (by request) …a great art of my award-winning legacy work! i’m gratefuL for all who answer their call to serve, it’s never a solo job.” ~ Dr. tracey bond


national flag of united states of america
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Hello Here November…

white scrabble tiles on the wooden table

November traditionally signals shifts in the human spirit, may our kind actions in gifting seasons transcend our culturally attended timelines…to consistently circulate the ethereal fluid of “mindful love” that can endlessly~pulse the power of spirit to touch lives without calendar & watchclock reminders that tick or tock us to do so…Dr. Tracey Bond

pumpkins and a planner on wooden desk
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The Inaugural CLINK Festival -The Inaugural Clink Festival at Wilder Mansion was the epic sommelier and taste~staking…

…event to kickoff and crown the Fall season in Chicagoland, founded by two significant Black women the world needs to know…

CLINK Festival – The Inaugural Buzzworthy Wine and Spirits Festival, Sipping Into The Fall Season Chicago

Joyce Dawkins She Rocks It, Founder-Creator & Magazine Owner and Chrishon Lampley ~Negociant, and Founder of LCS Entertainment Inc. (learn more in article as follows…) The event took place in almost every space and room in the Wilder Mansion place, throughout two floors with effervescent energy, and the sound of clinking glassware as guests toured, and retoured the mansion filled with endless bottle services from different vendors and wine lovers, their sages, and sippers from all over the nation.

I am honored to bring you coverage of this event via Splash Magazine Worldwide as the article is officially live at CLINK Festival – The Inaugural Buzzworthy Wine and Spirits Festival, Sipping Into The Fall Season Chicago – Splash Magazines (!


CLINK FESTIVAL is a Chicago-based wine and spirits festival dedicated to highlighting Women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the industry. The event sipped-in
just ahead of Fall 2022’s start of the season just 4 weeks ago on September18th, 2022 with over fifty brands, over ten makers, and over 309 (21+) attendees at the decadent bi-level Wilder Mansion located in Elmhurst, Illinois.

click here to read the full article at splash magazines worldwide

To learn more about the participants, contributors, special guests, sommeliers, experts, and
emcees, that CLINK FESTIVAL hosted and more, point your internet browser to Clink Festival’s website

Clink festivaL @ wilder mansion, circa september 18 ’22

Fall is a textured season that can . . .

Fall is such a transformational warmup  season, who knows what I mean?✨️ ✨️

“Tired communications weary  attentive souls, in public relations  industry –  its always a good time say something different – if you don’t want to become an  👻😱 invisible brand messenger minnowing through everyplace mainstream.”

~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Legacy PR
The #DoubleOHHSevenEffectEffection

Engage the #DoubleOHHSevenEffect
by invitation only at

Fiverr Hosts International Freelancer Day Celebration Tonight

FIVERR: Thank you for hosting tonight’s celebration for local Fiverr freelancers here at Selina’s on E. Chestnut in Chicago’s Gold Coast.

Dr. Tracey Bond ~ Fiverr’s International Freelance Day Celebration – Selina’s in Chicago’s Gold Coast

I loved the program which kicked off with the coolest networking, picturesque hangout, chill music vibes, super Fiverr swag (Fiverr Community Leadership tee-shirt, logo cap, ink pens with a branded bag to tote it all.

So much freelancer networking fun…having the fall comfort food bites and desserts catered by: Outside The Box; and the sipworthy ILLEGAL brand, and thematic menu of cocktails featuring Mezcal varietals, et. als.

I connected and exchanged value stories with other freelancers as a Fiverr day onerr! Shout out to new Instagram Fiverr freelancer connections I encourage you to check out and support: @that_poet_renee; @halo2great, and @algo.1827.

Still loving the features that support my powerful PullPenz book production brand.

Looking forward to building upon this special event next year. Its a festive way to show that freelancers work matters in the gig world!


Photo credits: Dr. Tracey Bond

That powerful purple hue is a key to…

“That powerful purple hue to my fave vintage beverages is a key unlocking the transformational depth of its flavor to its berry last drinkable drop.”

~ Dr. Tracey Bond

The #DoubleOHHSevenEffect is ripening its readiness for its selected participants…

By invitation only

Are you subscribed?
Get in position!

Submit your contact information for selective VIP consideration to Dr. Tracey Bond’s #DoubleOHHSevenEffect List?