This Monday’s “Mane” e*Venting frustration comes from: BMW0504

Q: BMW0504 “e”vents her “mane” frustration asking Tracey Bond ( “How she can keep her dark blond hair from fading and suffering breakage if she wears it in a ponytail style?
A: DaHairDoc offers her Hair eScription ™ : “Your road to hair success can be achieved by abstaining as long as possible from the introduction of chemicals early in childhood. The hair is still not strong enough to endure harsh conditions, and most beauty consumers don’t realize that “no-lye” relaxers which are commonly marketed with kiddie-relaxers, have composition of actual “lye,” which is listed in ingredient lists in base form as sodium hydroxide, but in “no-lye” formulations but other names for the lye-mixture such as: as calcium, lithium hydroxide or guanidine for professional/consumer use reference. These “other-“lye”-formulations dry their hair out over time, making it brittle and very, very subject to hair breakage & hair loss.

I have created a full hair & body care line that is formulated to hydrate thirsty hair, giving it deep conditioning care it needs & replenishing lost-moisture with nourishing buttery blends that will both soften & keep moisture deep within the exposed hair shaft for days at a time. I have used the “Tezzorro” leave-in blend & “DaHairDoc’s Healthy Hair & Skin Butter,” plus “Joyful, Joyful Jelley” on my own 3 girls most of their hair-changing lives, using the silky soft & sulfate-free “Shaken Together” Shampoo & emollient conditioners like Fantastic Hair Elastic to stretch hair growth like no other product!

The products are so absolutely delishious and aromatic (13-neo-fragrances to choose from i.e; Funky Monkey-Picked Tea; Dolce’ Champagne, Melonaisse Brulee, Neroli-Polli Blossom, Mimossa Macossa, Sophisticated Sappy Moss (unisex) and more…the gentle scented-moistness retained in the hair shaft will last for days at a time.

For maintenance, just braid her hair & keep a silk and/or satin scarf on it, and re-do once a week…you will surely see the difference. For more info. you can contact me for a phone or personal education consultation if you live in the ChicaoLand Area. To follow-up with results , order the products I’ve suggested at my Hair eScriptions ™ products store at: I also provide in-depth Hair House Calls for a modest fee!
Best of hair benevolence to you, your daughter and those who shall benefit from this hair-loss help advice by DaHairDoc!

“If beauty could tweet it would hashtag #probeautymissionpossible @tracey007bond!”

DaHairDoc’s “Suck It Up” Dry Hair Butter Blend ™ For Every Body Part!!!

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