Respecting yourself is spirit Genius like the #Do7E

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“Respecting yourself will require walking away quickly from what does not serve you peace, love, and add prosperity values – that commensurate with a finishing well lifestyle. Respect for self and others can be spirit genius like the #DO7E!”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of the #DO7E, Transformational Genius Experience Phenomenon

Relationship InVestments and OutVestments: Of For-Profit Co-OPT-erations

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Love is Spirit…Genius like the #Do7E

“Higher LOVE has a mirror image…have you looked into it lately? When the wick of your soul is lit by love, it can magnify its purity, and diamond-like clarity; fired true to its perfection, in flawless reflection of affinity, and traceless etchings upon the heart, by detailed fingerprints of divinity.”

— Dr. Tracey Bond, Iconic Creator of The #DO7E , Transformational Genius Experience Phenomenon

“We grow best in communicating LOVE when we cease to struggle with ‘spirit’ – our primary, central, and eternal existence…and express acceptance, love, and support in a compassionate, healthy, safe and secure way.

The distraction of fear burns away…as LOVE is perfected in every place fear isn’t present. Its LOVE month…

…change is deeply personal and should begin within the soul, but when alignment with another’s human values, takes place, the vibration of relationships almost magically go to another level…

Come together in this, and become a powerful, earthquaking, unstoppable match ready for lighting up worlds!

The joy of communicating, expressing, and aligning our human-ness with the Spirit Gift that LOVE really is…

…transports us into a Divine dimension of embracing a 🔥💗unquenchable and eternal.

Grown up relationship goals for filet mignon tasty and tender souls…

God’s voice is heard loudest in the communication of LOVE…
LOVE is you bring the best version of you and will heavily #attract that in others…
Spirit LOVE is true…
LOVE is in the air…
LOVE is in season…
Let LOVE be your highest Spirit reason…” ~ Dr. Tracey Bond, Bestselling Author and Iconic Creator of The DoubleOHHSevenEffect

Relationship InVestments and OutVestments: Of For-Profit Co-OPT-erations

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