I’m reading tonight on Clubhouse at 7pm CT, join me now in The Book Slam Room

Join me now, this evening in #TheBookSlam Room 7pm CST on #Cubhouse, where I'llbe reading a pair of pages from my #publicrelations #primer #OWTOTIYN #OutWithTheOldTrendIntoYourNew#LadyTraceyBondDohbleOHHSevenThe #DoubleOHHSevenEffect read: Out with the old trend into your new in your preferred format on amazon, barnes & noble & anywhere books are sold!

Tracey Bond Gets Badged among LinkedIn’s Best of PR Consulting!

Connect with Tracey Bond, author -publicist of "Out With The Old TREND INTO YOUR NEW" is badged one of Linked In Pro Finder's Best of PR Consulting & Top 110 Women to Connect With on Linked In https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/tracey-bond-proud-linkedin-profinders-best-2016-pr-consulting-bond-/