^007 View Breaking Worldwide Media Release: “Tracey Bond *007* becomes Beverly Hills Chamber’s new high end publicist and…”

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^007 HBD Business-ista Grads & Fashion?

^007 http://ow.ly/RvnQe "Seriously dressed for Harvard-styled success- although the embellishments are more than muted, these game-faced business-istas turned up on modern conservative swaggerness and for their trend of work culture I do get it...for now. 😉 " - Tracey Bond, Ph, Jrn, Author #FaceBookingU #MC #Rp @BondGirl007Pen

3 Kindergarten Lessons You Should Ignore on Social Media

"...the emerging social media management/marketing cultivated artisan that understands the value of this phenomenal platform; will do well to stage their performance with creativity, intelligence and data-miner-conscious responsibility." - Tracey Bond, Author-Publisher; Hootsuite Certified Social Media Professional & Pro Solutions Partner (BondGirl007PenTerprises.com); The Social Media Management Network group on LinkedIn (#TSMMN)

Hello Again Hollywood @FaceBookingU

 ^07: Hello Again #Hollywood: #FaceBookingU VIP Face #PR Publishing anchors debut as "Fashion At The Sea" Yacht Party Sponsor. Tracey Bond, "Face Booking U's" Author, VIP Makeup Artist and Face Publisher is proud to SPONSOR this grandiose Marina Del Rey, CA event in celebrity fashion; hosted by EugeneSidneyEntertainment.com #californiaroll @bondgirl007pen @tracey007bond @facebookingu   http://ow.ly/Oonr5

Tracey Bond Girl *007*" Says... NYE is round the corner... Where we dress to impress for the celebration year fests: take a lil' fashion-tip advice at HarpersBazaar.con, before you get dressed! [/HarpersBazaar.com] Click here for the full fashion article now! Kerry Pieri #RP Harper's Bazaar This post is eHosted, ePRessed & ePublished by BondGirl007PenTerprises.com for…