"Choose To Increase Your Professional Values For Economic Appreciation Or Risk Decrease Into Attitudes of Servitude" by Agent Tracey Bond ^007^
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“Choose To Increase Your Professional Values For Economic Appreciation Or Risk Decrease Into Attitudes of Servitude” by Agent Tracey Bond ^007^

It is clearly an attitude toward values, perception and perspectives that you & your client/customer will hold about doing business with one another…

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Confidence is the key to unlocking your ‘ideal’ business relationship treasuries…

The etymology of this ‘key’ word ‘confidence’ is sourced as: “early 15c., from Middle French confidence or directly from Latin confidentia, from confidentem (nominative confidens) “firmly trusting, bold,” present participle of confidere “to have full trust or reliance,” from com-, intensive prefix (seecom-), + fidere “to trust” (see faith).” * [Source of Att: etymonline.com]

Lets say that you’ve been bossing in your area of expertise for an awe-inspiring number of years, championing multiple award-winning accomplishments and expertise, take my preliminary consulting advice – accomplishments should never be insulted or downgraded with an undercutting low-budget or for completely for free (involuntarily).  This is not the kind of  work you give away cheaply on another’s business demand.

Keep in mind I am strictly speaking of work you expend to support yourself and prosper with…NOT in-kind donations for charitable work. Although ‘voluntary’ work carries great character value and social business awareness with responsibility, it is done as a gift without expectation of  any earned return(s)…get it? Exercise the freedom you have as a business provider to choose your method of business and make that clear to your clients and customers. When you do charitable works keep your social communities, public and media informed (with a consistent and sound public relations and communications plan) that clarifies your business activity. It helps to actively shape and manage the perception of your interested audience, business and media relations.

It is 2016 after all and somewhere out there in the universe your IDEAL client/customer is waiting to budget you IN for services only you can ‘due.’

If you are authentic, talented and integral in your profession…most likely you have having invested your professional time, over a period of time, education/training dollars, presence and productivity time after time; and to the point where you can document that demonstrated value to your employer, client/customer. Once you make that demonstration, don’t lash-bat, never detract…for many reasons I could list forever, it  could subtract from your profitable worth.

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In my own experience I have found that naive people who go into business without the confident intention to market their valued services to their ‘IDEAL’ clients like a serious business, are often treated like a charity (not-for-profit, and easy to settle for charitable donations – letting the client/customer set the value rates for the work by default).

That situation is a risky way of doing business and could be an indicator of the business decision-makers confidence or misdirected communication and perception. It wouldn’t be surprising at all for that business to show more expenses than profits around tax-time…and even the government has a time-limitation on how many consistent losses one can claim. What a disconnect that is for a high-achieving professional and their business success potential. Their veritable success-track is usually ‘the’ indicator of a favorable and probable high-return on their business investments.

To show no increase in your return on your work investments make one question the value of your work. Unless you are independently wealthy or your work is philanthropic and you are exempt from for-profit business interests; then your choice for business decision or indecision to choose could be a serious matter of true economic freedom or involuntary servitude.

“You’ve got 2 Choices in the Social Business World: Increase Your Professional Values For Economic Appreciation Or Decrease By Default Attitudes of Servitude – Agent Tracey Bond ^007^”

If law and history examples remain correct then indentured servitude could still be embedded in nat’l economic enslavement….yes 2016 and yes at a national level (see source research below).

After a reasonable period of proving your business value…you must confidently bill your #appreciating value and worth to your ‘IDEAL’ clients not those who are not.  Do your value math and see how your marketable skills, service, expenses and labor add up to do what you do…how could you subtract from those established facts. What makes you think your ‘IDEAL’ client/customer is not calculating the costs for acquiring you to assist them with increasing their product/service solution values?

  • Q:Are you confident about your business offerings?
  • Q: Are you providing legitimate products/services that produce value for a client/customer?
  • Q: Do your clients know it?
  • Q: In what ways have can you tell ‘n show it? 
  • Q: Have you no public communications and social business relations plan in 2016?
  • Q: Do you desire an elevated business perception with your social business and public, media/press audiences?

Create a plan as your own (BBF) best business fan and present it in a way that orients your current, past and even future clients. It is your business responsibility to shape and uphold the reputation of your operation. Perhaps a previous client may return having learned through your public relations activity how your rising business star is glowing up! *

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Your “IDEAL” client is #that client/customer you will invest your time, labor expense and appreciation, accrued product/service values for. That ‘IDEAL’ client/customer will be happy to multiply your joy, by rewarding you for laboring with and for them at the exact value you bill them for.

I believe that “quality has the ability to always attract your deserved quantity. ”
If you learned to do it well enough to earn it – well then go ahead and get it…what else are you waiting for involuntary economic servitude which always crouches at the valueless-default door.” –  Tracey Bond,  MultiBranded & Award-winning VIP PhJrn – Author – Speaker -PRodcaster &  Publicist & Social Business Entrepreneur
Tracey Bond ^0076: Agent Signatured, VIP Reserved

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Agent Bond ^0076’s Suggested Reading:

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948) declares in Article 4 “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms”.[26] More specifically, It is dealt with by article 1(a) of the United Nations 1956 Supplementary Convention on the Abolition of Slavery. Although illegal under international law, only national legislation can establish its unlawfulness in a specific jurisdiction. In the United States, the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act (VTVPA) of 2000 extended servitude to cover peonage as well as Involuntary Servitude. WIkipedia Source* Indentured Servitude | Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indentured_servant

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