Before National PTSD Day expires, it is a crucial matter to explore the profound connection between GENIUS and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). =

Dr. Tracey Bond, the iconic creator of #DO7E and Director of DO7EGeniusversity™©, takes a moment to add some illumination, on this fascinating relationship and how it can lead to innovative coping outcomes for those affected by PTSD.

The Hidden Potential Within PTSD and Genius

Genius is often associated with exceptional intelligence and creative brilliance. However, Dr. Bond highlights a lesser-known aspect of genius: its connection to adversity, trauma, and resilience. Individuals who have experienced PTSD may possess a unique capacity for innovative coping strategies.

Releasing Genius Power, Beyond PTSD’s Impact…

PTSD can have a profound impact on a person’s life, often causing distress and affecting their ability to function. However, Dr. Bond emphasizes that within this struggle lies the potential for extraordinary growth and resilience. By recognizing and embracing their genius, individuals can tap into their inherent strengths and find innovative ways to cope with their PTSD symptoms.

Innovative Genius Coping Outcomes Relevant to PTSD…

Through her work, Dr. Bond has witnessed the transformative power of embracing one’s genius in the face of PTSD. Genius manifests in different forms, such as artistic expression, problem-solving abilities, or groundbreaking ideas. By harnessing their genius, individuals can develop innovative coping strategies tailored to their unique experiences, helping them navigate the challenges of PTSD more effectively.

Supporting the Genius Within…

On National PTSD Day, it is vital to spread awareness about the genius-PTSD connection and support individuals impacted by this condition. Dr. Bond’s #DO7E movement encourages everyone to recognize and nurture the genius within themselves or someone they know. By embracing their genius, individuals can find new paths to healing and inspire others to do the same.

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Intersecting National PTSD Day & Innovative Genius…

June 27th marks National PTSD Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about post-traumatic stress disorder and its impact on individuals’ lives. While PTSD is often associated with emotional distress and challenges, there exists a fascinating connection between this disorder and the potential for genius within those who experience it. In this article, we explore the intersection of genius and PTSD, uncovering innovative coping outcomes that can empower individuals affected by this condition.

Dr. Tracey Bond, the iconic creator of #DO7E and Director of DO7EGeniusversity™©, has been at the forefront of this unique perspective. According to Dr. Bond, PTSD has the potential to awaken the genius within individuals, leading to transformative outcomes in their coping mechanisms and overall healing process.

PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that arises after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. Its symptoms can include intrusive memories, flashbacks, nightmares, hyperarousal, and avoidance of triggers associated with the traumatic event. While the impact of PTSD on mental health and well-being is well-documented, Dr. Bond suggests that it is crucial to recognize the untapped potential within those affected.

For more information reach out to PTSD: National Center for PTSD Home (

Dr. Bond’s iconic #DO7 experience have highlighted the remarkable creativity and resilience that can arise as a result of PTSD. She explains that the human mind often seeks innovative ways to cope with trauma, leading to the emergence of what she calls “genius coping mechanisms.” These mechanisms can manifest in various forms, such as artistic expression, scientific breakthroughs, entrepreneurial endeavors, or social activism.

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Innovative coping outcomes can be observed throughout history, with numerous renowned figures exemplifying the connection between genius and PTSD. Examples include writers like Ernest Hemingway and Virginia Woolf, whose hauntingly beautiful prose is believed to have been influenced by their struggles with PTSD. Likewise, artists like Frida Kahlo and Vincent van Gogh channeled their pain into extraordinary works of art that continue to captivate audiences to this day.

Understanding and embracing the genius within individuals affected by PTSD can lead to transformative healing and growth. Dr. Bond emphasizes the importance of providing support and creating an environment that encourages the exploration and expression of these hidden talents. By acknowledging the profound connection between genius and PTSD, society can foster empowerment and resilience in those impacted.

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