The Inaugural CLINK Festival -The Inaugural Clink Festival at Wilder Mansion was the epic sommelier and taste~staking…

…event to kickoff and crown the Fall season in Chicagoland, founded by two significant Black women the world needs to know…

CLINK Festival – The Inaugural Buzzworthy Wine and Spirits Festival, Sipping Into The Fall Season Chicago

Joyce Dawkins She Rocks It, Founder-Creator & Magazine Owner and Chrishon Lampley ~Negociant, and Founder of LCS Entertainment Inc. (learn more in article as follows…) The event took place in almost every space and room in the Wilder Mansion place, throughout two floors with effervescent energy, and the sound of clinking glassware as guests toured, and retoured the mansion filled with endless bottle services from different vendors and wine lovers, their sages, and sippers from all over the nation.

I am honored to bring you coverage of this event via Splash Magazine Worldwide as the article is officially live at CLINK Festival – The Inaugural Buzzworthy Wine and Spirits Festival, Sipping Into The Fall Season Chicago – Splash Magazines (!


CLINK FESTIVAL is a Chicago-based wine and spirits festival dedicated to highlighting Women, Black, Indigenous and People of Color in the industry. The event sipped-in
just ahead of Fall 2022’s start of the season just 4 weeks ago on September18th, 2022 with over fifty brands, over ten makers, and over 309 (21+) attendees at the decadent bi-level Wilder Mansion located in Elmhurst, Illinois.

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To learn more about the participants, contributors, special guests, sommeliers, experts, and
emcees, that CLINK FESTIVAL hosted and more, point your internet browser to Clink Festival’s website

Clink festivaL @ wilder mansion, circa september 18 ’22

Chicago Splash Feature: Author VC Alexander’s Book Release and Celebration at Tavern On LaGrange

“Thankful for everybody that took time out

of their busy schedules to celebrate with me at Tavern On LaGrange!”

~Vanessa Alexander-Bey | Pen Name: VC Alexander

@author_bey on Instagram

“Chicago Splash received a warm invitation and welcome to attend the special book release and celebration for Vanessa Alexander-Bey, who publishes under the pen VC Alexander; and it was delightful. After a stellar introduction by the event host and emcee, Anita Bennett of Tavern On LaGrange, the executive buyer of talent and entertainment consultant with Tavern; we were able to speak directly with Author Vanessa. She share a bit of insider-information about her newest publication,: Priceless Passion, No Turning back which happens to be the second installment of a developing series of stories. Here’s what we learned. *(See our unique video vignette link following this interview snippet to see the full presentation.)”

— Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

U.S. Press Agent for Chicago Splash Magazine

To learn more about this and future events, visit VC Alexander’s her website at

Priceless Passion, No Turning Back
by Author VC Alexander | Vanessa Alexander-Bey
Book Release & Celebration Event
Sunday Afternoon 1:00-4:00pm,
November 28, 2021 at Tavern On LaGrange in Countryside, IL 60525

VIP Feature: Author Event
By Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

Splash: Congratulations Vanessa, on your publication “Priceless Passion. Please tell us for whom have you written it? Who is the reader audience that’s gonna connect with the spirit of your work?

Vanessa: I do believe that the book is relatable. It can go towards young men and young women; but specifically young women, working women (between the) ages of 35 to 45, I would say. It follows the lives of two best friends who are professional women that are trying to balance life, love, career: and there’s a lot of betrayal, and even some death, and some new life. It’s for anyone that loves to read. I think it’s very descriptive, uhm, it’s very passionate, it’s very enticing…its…you can feel it, you can feel and see the characters and you can probably see yourself in the characters, because they are very real.

I didn’t make the characters where they’re superficial and you can’t identify with them; they’re very identifiable. No, the book is not about me, but the main character has a lot of my characteristics, so she likes to drink hot chocolate, and take baths; she’s y’know, all of those things, so if you read her and you know me – you’re like, that’s Vanessa! So there’s some instances in there, where I incorporate myself in the book. I’ve incorporated my husband in the book – but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t know me personally, so I think its relatable to men and women.

Splash: It was very familial to you, writing from family relationships and so forth; was this written for a global audience or someplace particularly regional, or local like a birthplace for you?

Vanessa: I believe it can be global: the story starts in New York and then it continues to Atlanta, so there are a lot of identifiable places and things, very descriptive with that; so if you’re familiar with certain places you can relate. Of course we’re all familiar with the George Floyd murder, that’s also incorporated into the book; and so you know we kinda get all of life’s situations and create stories around them.

Splash: Absolutely. Sounds like a great read, can’t wait!

The Int’l Museum Of Surgical Science’s Taiwan Section Room Re-Opening Reception and Fall Events

Taiwan Section Re-Opening Private Reception
IMSS hosts Taiwan Section Update and Unveiling

A handful of Fall Thursday’s ago, I attended the most wonderful event, tucked neatly along the luxe landscapes that tower the 1500 N. block of Lake Shore Drive in Chicago, IL.

Image: Tracey Bond, Chicago Splash Magazine

The private invitation to attend the museum’s celebration of “The Taiwan Section room update” at 1524 N. Lake Shore Drive, led to my discovery of their intriguing multi-storied mansion, transformed into the International Museum Of Surgical Science (IMSS).

This awe-inspiring museum is the only one of its kind devoted to surgical science in North America.

If this comes as breaking news to your knowledge of Chicago museums, here’s a little background sourced from their website homepage:

The International Museum of Surgical Science, a division of the International College of Surgeons (ICS), maintains over 10,000 square feet of public galleries committed to the history of surgery, and an exquisite permanent collection of art and artifacts from the history of Medicine. The Museum supports its Mission through medically themed exhibitions and programs, in addition to a strong contemporary art exhibition program.”

As cool as the transitioning weather mists that breeze mere steps forward from Chicago’s Lake Michigan shoreline, IMSS puts on the ritz for their chic of surgical science-centric,  events.


Image by Tracey Bond - Chicago Splash Magazine
Taiwan Section Celebration

Upon arrival, I upped the stairwell to confirm my signature presence for the evening.

20190930_183904-traceybondvipjournalist-chicagosplashmagazine 4491835565986780059..jpg

The hospitality was as warm as the season’s weather, as I added my signature to a tabled banner among the distinguished company of attendees.  A beautful hostess for the evening handed me a Taiwan flag souvenir, adding a touch of charm. I am certain most every guest felt individually & collectively honored to be part of Int’l College Of Surgeons (at IMSS’s)  cultural, and evolutionary history.

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Many guests enjoyed the personal attention and selections the event servers offered, via walk-about plated hors d’oeuvres, refreshment, and tasty vino varietals.


20190930_181927 TraceyBondVIPJournalist-ChicagoSplashMagazine

The evening opened with introductions to guests from members, staff, and int’l surgical science industry professionals. These honorable mentions and remarks were sealed with a delightful champagne toast by all.


20190930_183904-traceybondvipjournalist-chicagosplashmagazine 4491835565986780059..jpg

I was offered a Taiwan flag souvenir, as I added my signature to a tabled banner among the distinguished company of attendees.

The activities for the occasion were tiered with salutes to the contributions, surgical science industry legacies, recognized, and honored guests which kicked off in the “Hall of Immortals room.”

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IMSS members and guests ascended up the artful-deco stairways in tour-like procession to the third floor.

Upon reaching their visually  thematic corridor end; everyone paused for a commerative ribbon-cutting photo before unveiling the museum’s freshly curated, “TAIWAN SECTION” room.

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The IMSS is more than a multi-sensory museum of historical surgical science industry articles, audio-visuals, antique instruments, and artifacts…its an event attraction. I recommend adding it as a list topper of wonder places to visit any season.


Its a house-turned museum, with floors of treasures to be re-discovered on N. Lake Shore drive, Chicago proximately hides.

The date for their most current event of the Fall Season is titled: Memento Mori Gala: their invitation to a haunted evening at 1524 N. Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL. Details have been provided below.

Image by Tracey Bond for Chicago Splash Magazine

To learn more about this and future events, visit the International Museum of Surgical Science online at their website at