“Thankful for everybody that took time out

of their busy schedules to celebrate with me at Tavern On LaGrange!”

~Vanessa Alexander-Bey | Pen Name: VC Alexander

@author_bey on Instagram

“Chicago Splash received a warm invitation and welcome to attend the special book release and celebration for Vanessa Alexander-Bey, who publishes under the pen VC Alexander; and it was delightful. After a stellar introduction by the event host and emcee, Anita Bennett of Tavern On LaGrange, the executive buyer of talent and entertainment consultant with Tavern; we were able to speak directly with Author Vanessa. She share a bit of insider-information about her newest publication,: Priceless Passion, No Turning back which happens to be the second installment of a developing series of stories. Here’s what we learned. *(See our unique video vignette link following this interview snippet to see the full presentation.)”

— Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

U.S. Press Agent for Chicago Splash Magazine

To learn more about this and future events, visit VC Alexander’s her website at https://VCAlexander.com

Priceless Passion, No Turning Back
by Author VC Alexander | Vanessa Alexander-Bey
Book Release & Celebration Event
Sunday Afternoon 1:00-4:00pm,
November 28, 2021 at Tavern On LaGrange in Countryside, IL 60525

VIP Feature: Author Event
By Lady Tracey Bond DoubleOHHSeven™

Splash: Congratulations Vanessa, on your publication “Priceless Passion. Please tell us for whom have you written it? Who is the reader audience that’s gonna connect with the spirit of your work?

Vanessa: I do believe that the book is relatable. It can go towards young men and young women; but specifically young women, working women (between the) ages of 35 to 45, I would say. It follows the lives of two best friends who are professional women that are trying to balance life, love, career: and there’s a lot of betrayal, and even some death, and some new life. It’s for anyone that loves to read. I think it’s very descriptive, uhm, it’s very passionate, it’s very enticing…its…you can feel it, you can feel and see the characters and you can probably see yourself in the characters, because they are very real.

I didn’t make the characters where they’re superficial and you can’t identify with them; they’re very identifiable. No, the book is not about me, but the main character has a lot of my characteristics, so she likes to drink hot chocolate, and take baths; she’s y’know, all of those things, so if you read her and you know me – you’re like, that’s Vanessa! So there’s some instances in there, where I incorporate myself in the book. I’ve incorporated my husband in the book – but you wouldn’t know that if you didn’t know me personally, so I think its relatable to men and women.

Splash: It was very familial to you, writing from family relationships and so forth; was this written for a global audience or someplace particularly regional, or local like a birthplace for you?

Vanessa: I believe it can be global: the story starts in New York and then it continues to Atlanta, so there are a lot of identifiable places and things, very descriptive with that; so if you’re familiar with certain places you can relate. Of course we’re all familiar with the George Floyd murder, that’s also incorporated into the book; and so you know we kinda get all of life’s situations and create stories around them.

Splash: Absolutely. Sounds like a great read, can’t wait!

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